Stat Restoration does a number of damaged building restoration services like water damage mitigation and mold removal.

How does it work?

You tell a friend about Stat Restoration and they mention you when they use our services = you get paid 5% of the fees paid to Stat Restoration, LLC (ROC 325961). It’s that easy! So, what’s the catch? You ask. Your friend needs to mention you the first time they call/text/email us about the job – text and email are preferred because we can save the communication. There is no limit on the number of friends or contacts you refer and yes, you can refer yourself.

Why is Stat Restoration doing this?

First of all, people matter to us, and you are one of the “people” out there. We need to spend some money to market or pay a sales person. So we thought, instead of hiring one person to do a job, let’s group source the referral process.

Still Interested?

Click through to website for the fine print. – We need to capture a cell number or an email and send a link to the website page with the legal and accounting details – listed below in “Fine Print” which we can update if needed.

Fine Print

This money is not a secret. That means we will be following the rules, like we do for everything else. Here is what that looks like for you:

  1. You cannot claim more knowledge than you actually have. Stat Restoration, LLC has certified professional working on our team, who is licensed, bonded and insured.
  2. You get paid when Stat Restoration, LLC gets paid. Once we have a contract with someone to perform work, we will need your name, email, phone number and mailing address. You can decide how we send the money: Zelle (available through most US Banks), PayPal, or a good old fashion check in the mail to a physical address. If you get more than $600 in a calendar year Stat Restoration, LLC will have to issue you an IRS form 1099. That means you have to claim it on your taxable income because the IRS knows about it. Technically you’re supposed to disclose all income to the IRS, but that is another conversation. Before we pay you an amount requiring Stat Restoration, LLC to issue a 1099. You will need to provide a tax ID and sign a W9, which we can provide. Failure to provide a valid tax ID will result in the withholding of any further payments until it has been provided.

Will Stat Restoration increase its fees to my friend to cover the referral?

No. Stat Restoration uses a software called Xactimate to determine pricing. It’s the software used by almost all insurance companies to determine pricing. The software uses the zip code of the client to establish the fees. And if the situation is covered by an insurance company, there will be an overseer to make sure the fees are appropriate.